What to Do If a Filling Falls Out

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Dental fillings are great when it comes to restoring your tooth function and treating cavities or minor damages. Unfortunately, it is true that dental fillings can not last a lifetime. Even though dentists use the techniques available to secure a filling in its place for as long as possible, sometimes a filling can fall out and need to be replaced. But, what to do if a filling falls out? What to Do If a Filling Falls Out In this article, … Read more

Staying Calm in a Dental Emergency

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Dental emergencies can be overwhelming as they can vary in severity and come at the most inopportune times. Whether you have a knocked-out tooth from a sports injury or a trauma for a car accident, proper dental care is key to your long-term oral health. Maintaining your composure is one of the most important factors if you experience a dental emergency. Steps need to be taken to address the issue promptly. Below you will find helpful tips on staying calm … Read more