Can Veneers Improve a Gummy Smile?

A gummy smile or excessive gingival display can be defined as a condition when more than 3 mm of gingival tissue, on average, is exposed while smiling. Beauty standards are different for everyone, and some people consider a gummy smile to be perfectly normal and attractive. Others, however, would want to have a more conventional smile with less of the gum tissue exposed. If you are self-conscious about your gummy smile, you might be searching for possible solutions. Below, we will answer the question: “Can veneers improve a gummy smile?”

Can Veneers Improve a Gummy Smile?

The short answer to this question is yes, veneers can improve a gummy smile. In fact, using veneers to treat a gummy smile is a common practice. An experienced cosmetic dentist can achieve truly amazing results with this method of treatment. Even a severe case of excessive gingival display can be noticeably transformed with dental veneers.

The Reasons for a Gummy Smile

A gummy smile can be caused by several different factors:

  • Extra gum tissue grows over the teeth, making them appear shorter (usually genetically determined)
  • Teeth misalignment issues
  • As a result of the muscles of the upper lip lifting it higher and exposing more of the gum tissue
  • As a result of jaw development issues that influenced the shapes of the jaw and mouth

Regardless of the reason, a gummy smile can be significantly improved by dental veneers.

What Are Dental Veneers?

Dental veneers are thin shells that are attached to the front of your teeth with special bonding material. The most commonly used material for veneers is dental porcelain, but they might also be made from ceramics or composite. Dental veneers look and function exactly like natural teeth.

How Are Veneers Used to Fix a Gummy Smile?

Your dentist can solve the issue of a gummy smile with veneers by removing a small amount of the excess gum tissue and then attaching veneers to the teeth. Veneers can also visually lengthen the teeth. On top of that, veneers material is not irritating for the gum tissue and is tolerated well by most patients. Another big advantage of using veneers is that you will also get a flawlessly white pearly smile, as dental veneers cover the front of your teeth completely.

Treating a gummy smile with dental veneers can take several sessions, depending on the amount of the excess gum tissue. Your dentist will also schedule the sessions allowing some time between them for proper healing of the gums.

Do Veneers Fix a Gummy Smile Permanently?

Veneers are considered to be a permanent solution because they can not be removed without being replaced with a new set of veneers. Before veneers are placed on your teeth for the first time, your teeth are prepared by removing a layer of enamel. This means that if veneers are removed completely, your teeth will be left unprotected.

With time, your veneers will have to be replaced. On average, you can expect your veneers to last for 10 to 20 years. Their longevity depends on the material they are made from, oral hygiene, lifestyle habits, diet, and other factors.

Other Advantages of Dental Veneers

Apart from effectively fixing a gummy smile, dental veneers have many other advantages:

  • The treatment with dental veneers is minimally invasive and relatively fast
  • Dental veneers provide stunning and long-lasting teeth whitening results (for up to 20 years compared to the results of teeth whitening that lasts for about a year)
  • Porcelain veneers are stain resistant, as their material is less porous than the enamel of our natural teeth and does not absorb pigments so easily.
  • Dental veneers can conceal and protect cracked, chipped, or worn-down teeth.
  • Irregularly shaped or sized teeth can be unified.
  • With the use of dental veneers, your dentist can conceal gaps between the teeth and make the teeth appear larger.
  • It is easy to care for your dental veneers: you just have to brush and floss your teeth as you usually do

Other Ways to Fix a Gummy Smile

If your dentist decides that dental veneers are not the most optimal treatment for you, they might suggest other ways like:

  • Botox injections
  • Orthodontics treatment with braces or Invisalign
  • Laser gum contouring
  • Lip repositioning surgery
  • Crown lengthening

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