Teeth Whitening

While some tooth color changes are normal, many patients find themselves with the challenging experience of stains and significant discoloration. Even though this might be purely cosmetic, it can still have a real and lasting impact on a patient’s quality of life and confidence. That is why Smile Studio Fontana is glad to provide patients with professional teeth whitening in Fontana.

What Is Professional Teeth Whitening?

Professional teeth whitening provides patients with a safe, effective way to dramatically improve the appearance of their teeth. It uses professional-grade products and treatments that are not available over the counter, all performed in a sanitary setting by our experienced cosmetic dental specialist. Professional teeth whitening produces results that are several shades whiter, allowing patients to see noticeable improvements to their teeth coloration with a single visit.
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What Is the Treatment for Teeth Whitening Like?

The teeth whitening treatment begins with a comprehensive examination of teeth and gums to ensure that teeth are healthy enough for teeth whitening. If there are other health issues present, we may need to take care of those before proceeding. Once the dentist has determined it is safe to proceed, they will apply a high-grade bleaching gel to the teeth. The gel works in tandem with an LED light or laser light which provides an extra boost to the whitening process. This process is repeated until teeth achieve the desired shade, which generally takes a few applications of the gel and light.
For teeth that are significantly stained or discolored, patients may need more than one visit. However, we will notify you ahead of time about what your procedure plan should look like based on the results of your consultation. For many patients, a single visit for professional whitening is enough to restore their teeth’s appearance to a lighter shade that meets their goals.
I got to the dental office a couple minutes after my appt and didn't have to wait. Gil was personable, knowledgeable and kind. Because I had periodontal disease he recommended a deep cleaning. Explained everything as well as after care.

Benefits of Teeth Whitening

We believe teeth whitening is a great way to start the process of improving your teeth and the overall look of your smile. Teeth whitening can help reduce teeth staining and discoloration, which are often caused by smoking, drinking coffee or tea, eating certain foods, or aging. Professional teeth whitening treatments offer patients dramatic results that are reliable and performed in a safe, certified environment. One of the core benefits our patients see with teeth whitening is the boost in confidence it can provide. Your smile is a core part of enjoying life, so it is vital to feel good about how it looks, encouraging you to share it with those around you.

Signs Teeth Whitening Is Right for You

Our teeth whitening treatments can help you achieve your ideal teeth shade quickly and easily. We work with each patient to ensure their teeth are safe to whiten and that teeth whitening is the right choice for their individual goals. If you are looking to restore your teeth to their natural, bright tone, teeth whitening may be an ideal path forward for you.
However, teeth whitening itself is not a means of treating some causes of discoloration, such as decay. In these cases, patients will first need to address any decay or health risks before proceeding with this treatment. Additionally, severe stains may resist the whitening process, making other options such as dental bonding or veneers a more suitable selection. We will go over all your options during your visit, ensuring that you have the right procedure to help you achieve the aesthetic goals you want.

How Long Do Results Last?

The results of teeth whitening can last for up to several years, depending on the patient’s lifestyle, habits, and oral health care. Avoiding drinks that stain teeth and consistently brushing teeth twice a day with a fluoride toothpaste can help teeth stay white for longer. Additionally, patients may choose to get touch-up treatments if they notice teeth becoming discolored again over time. While the results can be long-lasting, patients will still need to take attentive care of their teeth and visit the dentist regularly for cleanings and checkups.

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Our teeth whitening procedures can prove a safe and effective cosmetic treatment, delivering results that last longer than at-home teeth whitening kits or other over-the-counter alternatives. Our experienced dental specialists will work with you to determine if teeth whitening is right for you and create a customized treatment plan that works best for your teeth. Contact our office today by phone or using our online form to set up your consultation appointment with our cosmetic dentist and explore the option we have to see if teeth whitening in Fontana is your ideal path forward.

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