Tooth Extraction

In cases of extreme damage or decay, tooth extraction may prove the best option for our patients. Likewise, wisdom teeth removal is often the only solution for patients without enough room for their wisdom teeth. In either case, at Smile Studio Dentistry Fontana, we provide expert extraction services for patients in Fontana, as well as tooth replacement options for restoring your smile afterward.

An Overview Of Tooth Extraction

At our dental practice in Fontana, tooth extraction is one of our services that might not sound appealing, but can prove a crucial factor in maintaining your overall health. In cases where a tooth is severely damaged after prolonged decay or an injury, it may be best to simply extract it so it cannot pose a risk to your gums and other teeth. However, tooth extractions can be a simple procedure or more involved depending on your tooth’s condition, while wisdom tooth removal is a relatively straightforward process.
Tooth extraction involves removing a tooth from its socket in the jawbone through a quick surgery. This tooth may have been damaged by tooth decay or trauma, or it may be overcrowding other teeth in the mouth. In some cases, tooth extractions are also done to prepare for orthodontic treatment or as part of a tooth replacement plan.
Dental tooth extraction

What About Wisdom Teeth Removal?

Wisdom tooth removal is necessary when wisdom teeth come in improperly and cause tooth overcrowding or other dental issues. During wisdom tooth removal, our dentists will remove the tooth in order to prevent any further damage to neighboring teeth or gum tissue.
I went in for 2 extractions and a consultation for implants. Leilani explained the recommendations and pricing throughly, and we began treatment. Dr.Choi was great, quick and to the point with the extractions and bone graft insertion. I did have issues with the healing portion, nothing to do with the procedure itself, but Dr.Choi, Dr.Ra and Dr.Jon were friendly and very helpful with follow ups and ensuring it healed properly. The 24hr emergency hotline was a life saver. Marina helped from the first appointment thru the most recent one and made sure anything I needed was taken care of. Definitely recommend this office and will be continuing here once the new office is opened!

What Is a Tooth Extraction Procedure Like?

At our Fontana dental practice, we prioritize patient safety and comfort when it comes to tooth extraction and wisdom tooth removal procedures. Prior to the tooth extraction, we will apply a local anesthetic to make sure you do not feel any pain. Depending on the tooth’s condition, our dentists may use forceps or other special instruments to remove it from its socket. A typical extraction can be over in a matter of minutes, and the recovery process rarely lasts more than a few days due to the gum’s ability to heal rapidly.

What Is a Wisdom Teeth Removal Procedure Like?

During wisdom tooth removal, the process is often similar to a regular tooth extraction. However, there can be a few differences. For example, it is more common for patients to have general anesthesia or sedation during wisdom tooth removal as the tooth is located further back in the mouth, making it harder to access. Patients may have all their wisdom teeth removed in a single visit, but it is also common to split removal procedures into two or more visits.
Recovery from a wisdom tooth procedure will vary, but most patients take about 2-3 days off from work or school. Swelling and discomfort with minor bleeding are normal during this time, but all should resolve in the coming days.

Benefits of Tooth Extraction and
Wisdom Teeth Removal

By having tooth extraction and wisdom tooth removal done at our Fontana practice, you can benefit from receiving expert, compassionate care for your dental needs. During tooth extractions, our oral surgeon will ensure that no damage is done to neighboring teeth or gum tissue in order to help prevent any further oral health issues. Removing a tooth can protect the teeth around it and improve your jaw health in some situations. In addition, by getting wisdom tooth removal done, you can avoid tooth overcrowding and other issues that can arise if these teeth come in incorrectly.

Signs You Need a Tooth Removed

If you have tooth pain, tooth decay, or damage to a tooth due to trauma or gum disease, then you may need a tooth extraction. In addition, if your teeth have become overcrowded and are overlapping each other, then tooth extractions may be necessary in order to make room for orthodontic treatment. When you come in for an exam, our oral surgeon can work with you to diagnose the issue and prescribe a path forward that focuses on maintaining your overall health.

Can I Replace an Extracted Tooth?

Yes, tooth extractions can be followed by tooth replacement options such as dental implants or a bridge. During your consultation with our dentists in Fontana, we can discuss the different tooth replacement options available to you and help you make an informed decision about which option is best for your situation. Even before your tooth is removed, we can help you establish a treatment plan that will follow your procedure and restore any missing teeth.

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