5 Tips for Your First Week of Invisalign

An innovative, flexible, and highly popular treatment in orthodontics, Invisalign offers a refreshing new way to straighten your teeth. If you are dealing with misalignment and you want to correct your smile without dealing with months of metal in your mouth, then you are in luck; Invisalign is available for anyone interested in great orthodontic care. Below we cover 5 tips for your first week of Invisalign.

5 Tips for Your First Week of Invisalign

At Smile Studio Fontana, we offer individualized Invisalign plans for patients of all ages who need to correct minor or major signs of malocclusion. While the invisible aligners are easy to slip on and off every day, new patients can still benefit from these top 5 tips for your first week of Invisalign. Keep reading to learn more!

Soak While You Supper

One of the many positive benefits that come from Invisalign is that you can remove the aligner trays for a couple of hours each day. The invisible trays need to be cleaned regularly to avoid a buildup of bacteria on your teeth. The best time to do this is during dinner, when you can remove and soak your aligners while you eat. This helps you remember to soak them daily while also giving your mouth a little bit of relief.

Bring Your Aligners Everywhere

A common mistake made by new Invisalign patients is forgetting to bring the aligner trays while traveling. If you are going to be spending a night away from home, or you plan on changing up your routine for a couple of days, then you should be extra sure to carry your aligner trays with you. That makes it easy to put them away and clean them in the most sanitary space available.

Do Not Throw Away Old Trays

Your dentist will supply you with new aligner trays when you check in for your regular visits. Typically, your orthodontist will want to see you every one or two months. It can take some time for your new trays to be made, so be sure to keep your old ones with you as a backup just in case. It is better to use your old ones for a few days than to go without any aligners, which can seriously damage your progress.

Use an Electric Toothbrush

Electric toothbrushes come in a variety of models and with a number of features that can help you easily stay on top of your oral health routine. While a regular toothbrush can suffice, a soft-bristled, massaging electric toothbrush can offer new layers of cleanliness and restoration. You may feel some tightness or soreness as your teeth adjust to the aligner trays, so it is more important than ever to give your smile the spa experience during this time.

Use a Remover Tool

You can remove your Invisalign trays on your own. In fact, we encourage you to do so every day so you can temporarily soak and clean them. While you can do this by simply reaching into your mouth and pulling the trays out, you might also want to invest in an aligner tray remover tool that you can find online or at your dentist’s office. These tools make it easy to safely grab and remove the trays from your mouth so you do not have to damage or dirty them.

Learn More About Invisalign in Fontana

Visit your premier cosmetic dentist in Fontana to discover the benefits you will receive after fitted for a custom pair of Invisalign trays. This fast-acting alignment process helps you straighten your smile in a subtle way, and as long as you follow these beginning tips, you will end up with strong teeth for a lifetime. Give us a call or visit us online today to learn more.